Why Naftusya should be used at least once a year: 5 arguments from a urologist

The main therapeutic factor in the resort of Truskavets is the healing water “Naftusya”. And it is worth reminding once again why, because Naftusya is not just mineral water – it is poorly mineralized, closer to fresh water healing water with a high content of organic matter of petroleum origin, microorganisms and trace elements.

Water that has a specific taste of oil and a slight odor of hydrogen sulfide.

Here are 5 main arguments in favor of using unique petroleum water:

  1. It increases the immune status of the organism (its biologically active substances belong to adaptogens – substances that facilitate the adaptation (adaptation) of the organism to various adverse effects).
  2. Helps eliminate inflammatory processes in organs and tissues (restores the liver, kidneys, digestive organs, etc.).
  3. Stimulates the excretion of small stones from the kidneys, biliary tract, and has an antispasmodic effect.
  4. Normalizes metabolism, which is important in diabetes, gout, obesity and other chronic diseases.
  5. Has the ability to remove radionuclides from the body.

Another important argument in favor of Naftus – during the epidemic, everyone is recommended to take a course of Naftus in order to cleanse and strengthen the body.

In addition, our health resort has a program for the rehabilitation of patients with Covid-19. Thanks to cooperation with the German government, our medical center has received modern equipment, which has no analogues in western Ukraine. The use of these technologies in combination with the course of treatment and the use of unique healing water Naftusya at times accelerates the full recovery of the body.

Vladimir Tsimbrila,

urologist of the highest category,

head doctor

GKK “Karpaty”

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