It is becoming even safer in the Carpathians

Rest in the hotel-resort complex “Karpaty” becomes even safer for our guests, because these days on the basis of the health resort a number of trainings were held – training of staff on first aid. The two-day training was conducted by the specialized training center Invest in the person of emergency instructor Konstantin Hertsyk.

14 people volunteered to study in the Carpathians, including doctors who were happy to update their knowledge, service workers, technicians and representatives of the entertainment industry.

The topics covered were primarily related to the safety of hotel guests, but the knowledge gained by the participants is universal and can save anyone’s life. So from now on our guests and employees of the sanatorium in the “Carpathians” can feel a certain security, because part of the staff is now able to quickly:

  • assess the critical situation in case of loss of consciousness;
  • help the unconscious;
  • give advice during cardiac arrest;
  • conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • help a person who has drowned;
  • stop the bleeding;
  • distinguish between stroke and heart attack;
  • help with burns;
  • help with seizures and more.

Participants received certificates and gratitude for the initiative from the administration of the health resort, and some of the participants admitted that he realized his long-held dream of learning to act in extreme situations.

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