Medical facilities of the hotel resort “Karpaty”

Modern Medical and Diagnostic Center of the complex is one of the most efficient in Truskavets owing to a great number of the newest diagnostic and medical procedures and also to a highly professional medical staff with great work experience. In the center is located our own pump-room of healing mineral water of Truskavets resort with contactless heating elements.Water delivery is performed thrice a day. It is very convenient on a bad weather for the visitors with limited mobility.

Such diseases are treated in “Karpaty”:


Quantitative and qualitative study of the elements forming blood

  • assessment of the functional state of the body
  • Detection of blood diseases, inflammatory processes
  • Diagnosis of anemia
  • A standard laboratory test for the diagnosis of physical and chemical properties of urine, microscopy of urine sediment

    • Detection of diseases of the genitourinary and hepatobiliary systems
    • Diagnosis of the inflammatory process
    • Assessment of the functional state of the metabolic system


    • Assessment of the functional state of the body
    • Assessment of metabolism and functioning of the internal organs
    • Evaluation of the activity and course of the acute process

    It is performed to diagnose the pathology of the hepatobiliary system

    • Detection of diseases of the liver and biliary tract
    • Diagnosis of giardiasis
    • Prevention of congestive effects of various parts of the biliary tract
    • Prevention of gallstone disease

    Functional study of the upper gastrointestinal tract

    • Determination of gastrointestinal acidity
    • Allows you to develop adequate treatment tactics and control the course of treatment

    Functional study of the cardiovascular system

    Method of instrumental examination of the rectum and distal sigmoid colon

    • Burning and itching anus
    • Perineal pain
    • Abnormal impurities in feces
    • Anomalies in the distal colon development
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Neoplasm prevention

    Medical procedures:

    • Diseases of the genitourinary system
    • Diseases of the hepatobiliary system
    • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    • Diseases of the metabolic systems
    • Obesity and diabetes

    Thermal and chemical (ions, microelements and other chemicals) irritation of numerous nerve endings on the skin, from which impulses come to the higher parts of the central nervous system and then to all organs and systems of the body

    • Osteochondrosis of different parts of the spine, arthritis, osteoarthrosis
    • Diseases of the nervous system
    • Dermatitis
    • Stresses and sleep disorders
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Ischemic heart disease, cardiosclerosis

    This is a bathtub with the use of mineral water with moving air bubbles that are supplied under pressure.

    • Activate blood circulation
    • Eliminate back pain
    • Relieve muscle tension
    • Useful for the skin (saturate the epidermis with oxygen)

    This is a bathtub with the use of mineral water with the addition of pine needles or valerian concentrate with moving air bubbles that are supplied under pressure


    • Rehabilitation of the nervous system
    • Immunity strengthening
    • With insomnia
    • Positively affect the condition of the skin

    Hydrotherapeutic procedure when the limbs immersed in water are affected by the temperature and hydrostatic stimulus of water, amplifying it with monotonous movement in the bath – a twist


    • Normalizes metabolic processes
    • Improves vein tone and trophic structure of the skin
    • Normalization of microcirculatory processes of the skin
    • Anti-inflammatory and absorbable effect

    The therapeutic properties of ozokerite, as well as paraffin, are determined by thermal and mechanical factors. Ozokerite raises the temperature of the skin in the area of exposure, increasing microcirculation, the synthesis of biologically active substances and activates the secretion of endocrine glands


    • Diseases of internal organs (pleurisy, pneumonia, hepatitis)
    • Joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, chronic sciatica)
    • Inflammatory and chronic diseases of the genitourinary system

    Mechanical machine effects on human muscles in the form of stroking, rubbing, petrissage, vibration in a particular system and sequence.


    • Spinal disorders
    • Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system
    • Sports rehabilitation

    Hydrotherapy procedure when a patient in a bath filled with water is massaged with a stream of water that is supplied under pressure from 1 to 4 atmospheres


    • Loss of skin and muscle elasticity
    • Peripheral nervous system diseases
    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    • Pain in the muscles and joints
    • Osteochondrosis
    • Gout
    • Local fat deposits
    • Overweight
    • Cellulite

    The introduction of aerosols of drugs into the body with a stream of inhaled air. It is used for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchi and lungs, for the prevention and relief of asthma attacks, for the treatment of the oral mucosa diseases


    • Antibacterial effect
    • Moisturizing the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract
    • Mucus thinning
    • Removal of spasm and edema in the airways

    Rectal introduction of an oil or water solution of medicinal substances


    • Chronic prostatitis
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the rectum


    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Metabolic
    • Bactericidal
    • Antioxidant
    • Immunostimulating


    • Irritable bowel syndrome
    • Chronic inflammatory intestinal diseases
    • Constipation
    • Metabolic disorders

    Chamomile decoction promotes the removal of pathogenic bacteria from the vaginal cavity


    • Bactericidal
    • Healing
    • Contributes to the treatment of inflammatory processes in gynecology

    Machine (non-drug) method of treatment aimed at restoring the function of organs and body systems using physical effects (electric current, magnetic field)


    • Increase body resistance
    • Disease prevention
    • Stimulation of the organs and systems function
    • Normalization of blood circulation

    The method of treatment and prevention using oxygen

    • Treatment and prevention of respiratory organs diseases
    • Reduces mucus in the bronchi
    • Activates the brain
    • Reduces signs of acute illness

    Taking therapeutic Carpathian herbal tea


    • Soothing
    • Anti-inflammatory effect
    • Hypoglycemic effect
    • Choleretic
    • Immunostimulating

    • Urologist
    • Therapist
    • Physiotherapist
    • Gynecologist
    • Dermatologist
    • Dentist (review)
    • Cardiologist
    • Neurologist
    • Proctologist
    • Endocrinologist
    • Cosmetologist

    For an additional charge:


    • a method of studying the functions of external respiration, which includes the measurement of volumetric and velocity indicators of respiration. Spirometry helps to effectively determine the ability of the lungs to receive, hold and use inhaled air.

    The procedure is included in the rehabilitation program Kovid-19, to assess the functional state of the pulmonary system and monitor positive changes during the program.

    The method allows to determine:

    • Vital capacity of the lungs (VC) – the amount of air that the patient is able to exhale after maximum inhalation.
    • Respiratory volume (RV) – the amount of air that the patient inhales and exhales with each breath.
    • Reserve inspiratory volume or additional inspiratory volume (RO inhalation) – the amount of air that the patient can inhale after a quiet breath.
    • Exhalation reserve volume or additional expiratory volume (residual volume) (RO type) – the amount of air that the patient can exhale after a calm exhalation.
    • Maximum lung ventilation (MVL, in l / min) – the amount of air that can pass through the respiratory system in one minute with the most frequent and deepest breathing.

    Thermographic technology is used to detect thermal changes from the surface of the breast

    Advantages of the method:

    • without the use of radiation
    • reliable and safe
    • non-invasive
    • painless

    The method is able to detect:

    • duct cancer
    • lobular carcinoma
    • papillary cancer
    • inflammatory cancer
    • fibroadenoma with pronounced vascularization
    • cysts with vascularization
    • inflammation of the breast

    Machine study of the functional state of organs and systems using high-frequency sound waves


    • Thyroid
    • Liver
    • Gallbladder
    • Pancreas
    • Spleen
    • Mammary gland
    • Kidneys
    • Adrenal glands
    • Bladder
    • Prostate
    • Uterus + appendages
    • Knee and elbow joints

    Ultrasound examination of the functional state of the heart and main vessels

    • With periodic pain in the chest
    • With dyspnea
    • With dizziness and loss of consciousness
    • With the appearance of edema in the legs

    Ultrasound examination of the functional state of the vessels


    • Head and neck vessels
    • Upper limbs vessels
    • Ascending and descending aorta vessels
    • Lower limb vessels

    A laboratory method of research, according to the results of which the functional state of organs and systems of the human body can be judged


    • Detection of the inflammatory process
    • Assessment of water-salt metabolism
    • Detection of imbalance of microelements
    • Allows making a diagnosis, determine the stage of the disease, prescribe and adjust the treatment
    • It can also be used as a preventive measure to prevent the complications of diseases.

    Accurate and sensitive laboratory diagnostic method


    • Oncological markers
    • Infectious diseases
    • Allergic status
    • Hormonal status
    • Immunodeficiency status

    Diagnostics of urological, venereal, gynecological and dermatological infections


    • Complex bacteriological analysis for TORCH – infections (Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Gardnerella, Candida genus fungi, Herpes viruses, Cytomegaly, etc.)
    • Diagnosis of a mixed infection of the stem of the hair follicle, eyelashes and eyebrows
    • Epidermal scraping for the mite of the genus “Demodex” and mix-infection

    Ejaculate analysis to determine whether a man is able to conceive


    • Non-pregnancy with regular sexual activity without contraception for 1 year or more
    • Planning period for conceiving a child
    • Injuries, prostatitis, infections, hormonal imbalance

    Early diagnosis of intestinal neoplasms and fecal occult blood


    • Stomachache
    • Vomiting
    • Heartburn
    • False urge to defecate
    • Weight loss
    • Constipation

    Visual assessment of the state of the mucous membrane of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum


    • Stomach pain
    • Heartburn
    • Nausea
    • Burping
    • Dark feces (blood in feces)

    A non-invasive method for the detection of gastric infections by breathing into the device


    • Gastritis
    • Erosion
    • Ulcer
    • Heaviness or pain in the stomach
    • Heartburn
    • Nausea
    • Anemia
    • Loss of appetite
    • Skin diseases

    Examination of the vagina and cervix with a colposcope to identify abnormal cells


    • Detection of the lesion
    • Analysis of the general condition of the mucous membrane of the cervix and vagina
    • Differentiate benign neoplasms from malignant
    • Smear and biopsy for further diagnosis

    Method of radiological diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system and internal organs

    The method of functional diagnostics, which is used to determine the intensity and volume of blood flow in the arterial vessels of the limbs


    • Phlebeurysm
    • Atherosclerosis
    • Thrombophlebitis
    • Diabetes, which is accompanied by the peripheral circulatory failure

    The method of diagnosis of the vascular system of the brain, which gives information about the tone and elasticity of the vessels, as well as about the blood supply of the vessels in the brain and venous outflow from the skull


    • Increased intracranial pressure
    • Vascular dystonia
    • The spasm of cerebral vessels
    • Regular migraine

    Medical procedures:

    Low-frequency electrical pulse stimulation and negative pressure vacuum suction.

    Scope: Men’s sexual dysfunction: erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, sexual barrier, retrograde ejaculation, small penis, delayed puberty in adolescents, sexual dysfunction in middle-aged and older men.

    • Negative pressure vacuum suction

    The use of vacuum acts on the penis, which provokes arterial dilation of blood vessels of the penis and circulation, improves and equalizes the secretion of testosterone, activates erectile nerves, increases blood volume in the cavernous body of the penis and the thickness of the protein shell, improves the tissue of the fiber enlarge the penis, makes an erection long-lasting and strong. At the same time, under the action of vacuum, blood stasis is activated, forcing the prostate ducts to open passively, as well as absorbing the secretion of inflamed glands and metabolites, which softens the load on the prostate, improves blood circulation and restores normal gland function.

    • Low-frequency electrical pulse stimulation

    According to the traditional Chinese Medical Meridian Theory, this tool can stimulate points on the human body responsible of sexual and prostate function, regulate cerebral cortex function, activate the central bone marrow system, increase nerve conduction velocity, improve gland contraction, provide a positive result in treatment of ejaculation problems, erectile dysfunction, prostate diseases and improves the secondary development of the genitals.

    • a comprehensive approach to human health, which is based on work on functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system using analysis of body posture, gait, range of motion, strength and muscle tone, taking into account the influence of internal organs and psycho-emotional state.


    • pain syndromes
    • restriction of movement in the joints
    • pain of psychosomatic nature
    • reduction of muscle tone, weakness
    • “frozen shoulder”, “runner’s knee pain”
    • functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system

    Therapy is based on the interaction of a high-intensity electromagnetic field and the human body. An intense electromagnetic field depolarizes nerve tissue and causes muscle contraction.


    This procedure is used in the rehabilitation of patients after Covid-19, as it has a vasodilating, bronchodilator effect, normalizes the autonomic regulation of respiration, reduces the inflammatory response and helps reduce swelling in the lungs and bronchi.

    Depending on the intensity you choose, you can reduce pain, eliminate joint blockage, speed up the healing of fractures, relieve muscle tone or strengthen muscles.

    Plasma therapy of degenerative changes in the hip joints is performed under the control of ultrasound to enter the plasma clearly under the capsule of the joint.

    Indications for treatment: arthrosis and post-traumatic changes in the hip joints

    The method of treatment with subcutaneous carbon dioxide injections. The introduction of CO2 under the skin increases blood and lymph circulation, accelerates metabolic processes, reduces tension and muscle spasm.


    • Osteochondrosis of the spine, protrusion, hernia
    • Chronic pain syndrome
    • Headaches, migraine
    • Arthritis, arthrosis, pain in the joints and muscles
    • Diabetic angiopathy
    • Varicose disease
    • Alopecia

    A procedure when a patient is exposed to carbon dioxide in isolation without water.


    • Coronary heart disease
    • Hypertonic disease
    • Varicose disease
    • Thrombophlebitis
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Osteochondrosis of the spine
    • Skin diseases (psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, neurodermatitis)

    The procedure of influencing the lymphatic system of the human body with air, which is supplied through a special corset, into which doses of air are injected, resulting in pneumatic lymphatic drainage and improvement of the blood supply to the limbs


    • Diabetic angiopathy
    • Varicose disease
    • Diseases of the veins (periphlebitis, congestive dermatitis, leg ulcers)
    • Chronic edema (lymphostasis)
    • Condition after radiotherapy
    • Gout, polyarthritis
    • Heavy leg syndrome
    • Overweight, cellulite

    Non-drug treatment method based on the use of artificial microclimate, similar in parameters to the conditions of underground salt speleo-hospitals. Dry aerosol of natural rock salt stimulates the defense mechanisms of the respiratory tract and has bronchial draining, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antidepressant effect. Favorably affects the cardiovascular system, the gastric channel, boosts immunity


    • Bronchial asthma
    • Chronic bronchitis
    • Allergic states
    • ENT pathology
    • Frequent SARS
    • Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis)
    • Fungal lesions of the skin and nails
    • Postoperative conditions (aesthetic surgery)
    • Hair diseases

    A type of therapy aimed at treating back pain with the help of hands in case of spinal disease


    • Osteochondrosis of the spine
    • Intervertebral disc protrusion
    • Intervertebral hernia
    • Poor posture
    • Spinal curvature (kyphosis, scoliosis)
    • Backache
    • Displacement of the vertebrae
    • Blocks in the joints

    The physiotherapeutic treatment method, the essence of which is to use light (infrared and red radiation) absorbed by the tissues, increasing blood circulation and metabolism, which in turn helps to reduce pain, resolving the inflammatory process


    • Arthritis, arthrosis
    • Myalgia
    • Damage to the ligaments and tendons
    • Chronic and acute pain
    • Inflammation
    • Injuries
    • Sports rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system

    Non-invasive machine treatment of inflammatory processes by vibration wave in orthopedics and urology


    • Muscle pain (trigger points)
    • Shoulder periarthritis
    • Elbow epicondylitis
    • Tendonitis of the knee joint area
    • Ray epicondylitis
    • Osteoarthritis of the joints of the hand and feet
    • Heel spur
    • Chronic prostatitis
    • Erectile dysfunction
    • Peyronie’s disease

    The machine of dosed stretching of the spine and vibratory massage of the muscle and ligament apparatus


    • Pain in the spine
    • Hernias of all parts of the spine
    • Posttraumatic changes in vertebral motor segments
    • Headaches
    • Scoliosis
    • Neurosis
    • Insomnia
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    The method of treatment of the spine diseases by the traction effects (from the Latin — “Tractio” — traction). It is most often used to relieve radicular pain caused by degenerative diseases of intervertebral discs.
    The underwater method has advantages over the dry one: it is more gentle, improves blood supply to the tissues and reduces the load on the spine when immersed in warm water, which leads to a decrease in muscle tone.


    • Back pain
    • Block of the vertebral motor segments
    • Muscle spasms
    • Inflammatory diseases of the spinal joints
    • Protrusions
    • Hernia

    Stone therapy is a wellness and restorative procedure based on the application of hot and cold volcanic stones to active points, which contain a huge amount of useful micro and macro elements.

    This procedure stimulates the protective functions of the body, enhances the work of the vascular system and blood circulation, as well as removes toxins from the body.


    • Stress, nervous experiences
    • Vascular disease
    • Muscular pain
    • Improving the functioning of internal organs
    • Headache
    • Cholecystitis
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Disease of the urinary system  
    • Slow lymph flow


    • Skin diseases
    • Pregnancy
    • Diabetes

    Mechanical effects on tissues and organs in the form of grinding, pressure, vibration or strokes, which are carried out directly on the surface of the human body in order to achieve a therapeutic effect


    • Osteochondrosis
    • Bruises, strained muscles, tendons and ligaments
    • Functional disorders after fracture and dislocation
    • Neuralgia and neuritis
    • Myalgia
    • Radiculitis
    • Paralysis

    This is a unique type of massage, which combines both cosmetic and therapeutic properties. Fresh, natural honey is applied to the body instead of massage oil.


    • Overweight
    • Weakened immunity
    • Sleep disturbance
    • Osteochondrosis
    • Used for cosmetology purposes

    • Oral treatment
    • Tooth sclerosis
    • Professional cleaning

    Machine large intestinal lavage with water


    • Enterocolitis
    • Overweight
    • Dysfunctions of the immune system and hepatobiliary system

    Rectal methods of drug administration


    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antimicrobial
    • Analgesic effect
    • Healing of wounds and cracks

    “Saky Mud” enhances the blood supply to the mucous membrane, improves tissue trophism, has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to restore the functions of the genitals.


    • Various forms of male and female infertility
    • Endocrine disorders caused by chronic inflammatory processes
    • Chronic prostatitis, vulvovaginitis, endometritis, parametritis

    It contributes to the achievement of a high concentration of the drug in the walls of the bladder, which increases the therapeutic effect and has no side effects on other organs and systems


    • Chronic inflammation of the urethra and bladder

    “Slavensk brine” has an anti-inflammatory effect, contributes to the suppression of pathogenic microflora and accelerates the epithelialization of erosion processes, increases the tone of smooth muscles


    • Menopause
    • Cervical erosion
    • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system

    The basis of treatment with latex rings is the non-surgical removal of hemorrhoids. An elastic latex ring that gradually overtights the node, is put on the hemorrhoid leg. Due to the cessation of blood supply the node fades away and falls off from the intestinal walls within 2-4 days. Within a few weeks, a connective scar is formed at the site of the node.


    • The effectiveness of latex ligation exceeds 80%;
    • The procedure is carried out quickly
    • Treatment takes place without affecting the patient’s rhythm of life and performance
    • Low risk of recurring hemorrhoids

    The use of therapeutic oil from the resort Naftalan for therapeutic purposes. Applications of naftalan oil on problem areas of the skin using infrared irradiation


    • Focal and diffuse neurodermatitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Atopic dermatitis
    • Dry and dyshidrotic eczema

    Injection procedure of local stimulation of regenerative processes in tissues with the use of own auto plasma, enriched with platelets and growth factors, aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes and cellular renewal. It is used in cosmetology and traumatology


    • Age-related skin changes
    • Photoaging
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Acne and post acne
    • Dermatitis
    • Arthritis
    • Arthrosis
    • Rehabilitation of sports injuries

    Modern, highly effective method, which is based on the use of medical ozone. This procedure enhances cell saturation with oxygen and stimulates the vitality of cells in the immune system


    • Blood thinning
    • Regulation of vascular tone and improvement of capillary circulation
    • Detoxification of the body
    • Reduction of allergies
    • Normalization of metabolic processes
    • Enhance immunity
    • Relieves chronic fatigue

    A variety of ozone therapy, which is carried out using headphones to enter the ozone-oxygen mixture through the external auditory canal


    • Sensorineural hearing loss
    • Otitis
    • Migraine
    • Auricle Dermatitis
    • The rehabilitation period after ischemic stroke

    A variety of laser coagulation


    • Papillomas
    • Pointed condylomas
    • Common and seborrheic warts
    • Removal of hemangiomas
    • Coagulation of hemorrhoids

    Machine correction of the body, activates blood circulation, helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, reduces the subcutaneous fat layer, strengthens tissues


    • Local fat deposits
    • Restoration of skin tone and turgor
    • Excess weight
    • Cellulite

    Healing showers, when a stream of water of the necessary pressure and temperature acts on the body, having a pronounced mechanical effect on the body, like a hydromassage


    • Obesity
    • Cellulite
    • Chronic prostatitis
    • Hemorrhoidal disease
    • Hypotension
    • Neurosis
    • Functional disorders of the central nervous system
    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

    This is an innovative technology to get rid of cellulite, lymphatic and venous stasis, which in some respects surpasses traditional methods of hardware exposure. In contrast to vacuum-roller massage, compression (pressure) is used instead of vacuum, and rotational microvibration is used instead of stretching. On tissues with fat deposits, rotation and compression act as “pulsating compression”, which leads to the destruction of fat particles and the breakdown of fat cells. Microvibration and compression allows you to work those subcutaneous fat layers that are very difficult to process with manual massage and remove during training. The basis of the device is a nozzle, inside which are placed in the form of honeycombs rotating rollers, the speed of rotation of which is regulated based on the preferences or individual characteristics of the client. The procedure is performed on a special suit that prevents mechanical damage. This is a completely painless technique, even people with hypersensitive skin will be pleasantly surprised by the process. The effect obtained after completing the full course is long-term, the results persist for six months or longer.


    • cellulite
    • local fat deposits
    • scarring of the skin
    • recovery after childbirth
    • overweight
    • venous and lymphatic stagnation
    • muscle aches
    • heaviness in the legs


    • no pain
    • hygienic procedure
    • fast result
    • long-lasting effect
    • decrease in body volume
    • elimination of edema
    • the skin becomes smoother and more elastic

    The following diseases are treated in the Carpathians:

    Digestive diseases:

    • chronic hepatitis
    • hepatosis
    • chronic cholecystitis, cholangitis
    • dyskinesia of the biliary tract, gallbladder
    • chronic gallstone disease
    • chronic pancreatitis
    • chronic esophagitis
    • chronic gastritis
    • chronic esophagitis
    • chronic duodenitis
    • gastric ulcer
    • peptic ulcer of the duodenum
    • chronic colitis

    Diseases of the genitourinary system:

    • urolithiasis
    • urolithiasis, condition after EUHL (crushing stones)
    • urolithiasis, condition after surgery
    • lithogenic diathesis
    • chronic pyelonephritis
    • chronic prostatitis
    • chronic urethritis
    • chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia

    Metabolic disorders:

    • type I-II diabetes mellitus
    • gout
    • obesity

    Truskavets mineral waters


    Naftusia is the most famous and unique in its effect Truskavets mineral water.* It may be attributed to brackish waters  and its composition is hydrocarbon calcium magnesium.

    Besides salts it includes a range of biologically active substances of oil composition, its name is derived from it.

    Some of “Naftusia”`s peculiarities might be explained for the presence of these substances as well as iron, lithium, copper, lead and silver. The basis  of the influence  of “Naftusia” on the organism is its dramatically manifested diuretic effect, that facilitates leaching from urinary tract sand and small stones, and on the whole, removing “toxins” from the body i.e. unnecessary products of metabolism. Accumulation of the latter takes place when functions of liver and kidneys are disrupted, metabolism is disturbed  and so on.

    “Naftusia” normalizes metabolism, improves the functional condition of the nervous system, it has got cholagogic qualities. A number of stomach and intestine diseases occur against the background of liver, kidney, pancreas and other organs, and gastro-intestinal illnesses in their  turn might be the cause of the diseases of these organs. That’s why the receiving of “Naftusia” for the considerable quantity of patients with gastro-intestinal illnesses is very reasonable.

    Spring № 1 “Mariya”

    It is brackish water, which composition is sulphate-bicarbonate-sodium-magnesium. It comprises iron, carbon-dioxide and hydrogen sulphide in slight quantities. “Mariya” doesn’t stay in stomach for a long time neither it irritates it, but at the same time it rarefies  gastric mucus and contributes to its removal. This mineral water soothes inflammation of gastric mucosa reduces the secretion of gastric juice and its acidity (it is explained by the duodenum effect on the stomach of where water falls quickly). In a similar manner water of spring № 1 effects the intestine, soothing its moving *function (perestalsis), diminishing gripes and lowing the secretion of gastric juice,  when ulcers of the stomach and duodenum occur.

    Spring №2 Sofia

    Medio-mineralized water “Sophia’s  composition is sodium chloride, calcium magnesium with minor impurities of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. “Sofia” stimulates the secretion of gastric glands and thus increases the number and gastric acidity, it also irritates mucus in the stomach, helping to remove it. Water source number 2 is used to treat chronic gastritis with low acidity or complete absence of gastric juice hydrochloric acid.

    Spring №3 “Bronislava”

    The chemical composition of it is chloride-sulphate-sodium-calcium water. It is used to treat chronic diseases of nasopharynx, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis in the form of rinses, inhalation and nasal showers. It thins the mucus accumulated on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, and if chronic inflammation take place , soothes inflammation.

    Spring “Khrystyna”

    Khrystyna mineral water has the same mineralization (10 g / l) as Sofia water, but differs favorably from it in terms of individual electrolytes. In particular, it contains much more sulfate and magnesium, while much less chloride, bicarbonate and calcium, with approximately the same sodium content. It is known that magnesium sulfate strongly stimulates the release of gastrointestinal hormones, which are responsible for the contraction of the gallbladder and the secretion of gastric and pancreatic juice, as well as maintaining the normal state of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. Therefore, Christina water is recommended for the treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach, biliary tract, pancreas and intestines.

    Spring “Myroslava”

    Myroslava water (5 g / l) contains twice less magnesium sulfate, so it has a weaker effect, while the lower sodium content allows it to be used by patients with high blood pressure.

    Spring “Yuzia”

    Incorporates in its composition  the substance of glycerine origin acting on the skin, giving it special elasticity.

    Mineral salt “Barbara”

    Extracted from the mineral water source № 4. It is used for duodenal intubation, washings intestine and as a laxative.

    Natural healing properties of Barbara have a significant impact on the body’s defenses, increase immunity.

    Mineral baths

    Water springs number 6 “Edward”, № 7 “Ferdinand”, № 8 “Emmanuel”, № 9 “Anna”

    Used for mineral and sulfur-salt bath. All these waters are highly mineralized  and contain free hydrogen sulfide. In addition, the resort  also uses carbonic and pearl baths.

    The basis of beneficial effects of mineral baths on the human body is their effect on the central nervous system through the skin nerve endings. This may explain the mental equilibrium and peace that the patient often feels when sitting in a bath after its recieving, often while falling asleep.

    The therapeutic effect of the mineral bath depends on physicochemical and gaseous composition of water, its temperature and method of application. Equally important is the duration and frequency of bathing. On patients with gastrointestinal illnesses baths act in a reassuring way, reduce pain, spasms of the stomach and intestines. Patients with concomitant diseases of the circulatory system, hypertension, improve their  blood circulation, reduces and often comes back to normal arterial blood pressure. This has a positive effect on the function of all organs and body systems, in particular  the digestive system. Mineral baths promote effective treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis and myositis.

    Besides  bath, the resort uses hydrotherapy in the form of showers Charcot, circular, ascending, hydro and  underwater ones.


    This is natural oil pitch product. It contains oils, neutral pitches, asphaltenes, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, potassium, sodium, and biologically active substances. Dewatered is called the medical ozokerite.

    Ozokerite has a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. During the application (overlay) wax on the skin, the substances it contains, act in a certain way  on the patient as through the nervous system, and through the blood, some of its component parts penetrate through the skin,.

    It is also of  importance  the ability of ozokerite to  shrink when cooled. The gradual compression promotes deeper warming the place where it is imposed. Applications of  wax act in an  anti-inflammatory and slightly anesthetic way , take off spasms, reduce moving and secretory function of the stomach and intestines. As the thermal process, ozokerite has a calming effect throug the skin on the central nervous system of the patient.

    Ozokeritotherapy in Truskavets is used for liver and biliary tract, nephrolithiasis and salt diathesis, diseases of the joints, gynecological diseases and related diseases of peripheral nervous system.