The modern method of recovery is plasma therapy

Why is the medical and diagnostic base of the Carpathian sanatorium considered to be one of the best and most innovative bases in the region? It’s simple – constantly updating treatment methods and medical equipment – the path to success and recognition in the medical services market.

Today, on the basis of the medical department of GKK Karpaty, a considerable list of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment is successfully used, including PRP-therapy or plasma therapy. It is an innovative, safe, certified, effective injectable therapy with the patient’s own blood plasma, enriched with platelets and anti-inflammatory factors, obtained by centrifugation of blood. The plasma obtained after centrifugation is injected with a syringe into the joint cavity, soft tissues, paravertebral).

The most interesting thing is that this method is universal, because it is used in orthopedics, neurology and cosmetology, gynecology and other fields of medicine. The advantages of plasma therapy are the absence of allergic reactions, safety and lasting effect.

We recommend this method if the patient has:

  • diseases of the joints (arthrosis-arthritis).
  • diseases of ligaments, tendons and muscles (myositis, epicondylitis, tendinitis, fasciitis, tunnel syndromes).
  • osteochondrosis, spinal pain, headaches, neuritis.
  • as well as in cosmetology (rejuvenation, hair loss) and dentistry (periodontitis).

The result of treatment involves:

  • eliminate pain and increase range of motion in the joints of the extremities and spine.
  • restoration of cartilage and connective tissue.
  • local increase in blood flow.
  • acceleration of the regeneration process (recovery).

It should be noted that this is a course procedure (3-4 procedures, with an interval of 3-7 days).

Of course, it has certain contraindications:

  • fever.
  • cancer and autoimmune diseases.
  • blood clotting disorders.
  • mental disorders.
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • acute infections.

The best result is achieved in combination with physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic.

We are always happy to answer additional questions about this method of recovery, so you can learn more about the areas in which the use of plasma therapy is most effective and necessary. What effect can be obtained with the help of 100% physiological plasma therapy without the use of drugs? How to properly prepare for the plasma therapy procedure? How safe is the plasma therapy procedure? We will be happy to help.

Take care of yourself and take care of yourself!

Roman Kossak, orthopedist, traumatologist, vertebrologist of the medical-diagnostic center of GKK Karpaty

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