Rehabilitation program for spinal diseases

to 30.06.2021

  1. Primary doctor’s appointment.
  2. Daily examination by the attending physician.
  3. Diagnostic procedures (if necessary):
  • General clinical tests
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound diagnostics


  1. Treatment procedures:

Underwater shower massage (c / d)

Mineral baths (b / d)

Physiotherapy (electrophoresis, amplipulse, diathermy) (b / w)

Super Inductive System (SIS) – high intensity magnetic therapy (c / d)

Paraffin-ozokeritotherapy (b / w)

Therapeutic massage (c / d)

Dry carbonic baths (c / d)

Physical rehabilitation – kinesiotherapy (b / w)

Traction (extract) of the spine (water or dry) (c / d)

Carboxytherapy (c / d)

High intensity laser therapy (b / w)


The plan and duration of treatment is determined and adjusted by the attending physician.

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