Own dairy farm of the sanatorium Karpaty Truskavets

Good nutrition is an integral part of the comprehensive rehabilitation in Truskavets, which is why the Karpaty sanatorium became the first and only sanatorium in Ukraine to set up its own farm to provide food for guests using eco-friendly products.

Continuing to improve and expand our product range, we have switched to our own dairy products, creating a modern workshop for its production right on the territory of the sanatorium.

From now on, our guests are pleased to savor cheeses of Mozzarella, Gouda and Kachot from cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s and even buffalo’s milk. Extremely delicious Brynza with Italian herbs, paprika, chia seeds and red pepper. As well as real yoghurts made on the basis of natural milk and flavored with fruits collected in the ecologically clean gardens of the Carpathian region.

Join guests from 48 countries around the world who care about their health and choose the Carpathians.

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