About Karpaty

“Karpaty” sanatorium is a sanatorium with ideal price/quality balance in Truskavets. Yet it is only in “Karpaty”, where apart from a comfortable room with a splendid view and all conveniences three-meals buffet with the products from the own farm are included in the price together with more than 23 therapeutic-diagnostic procedures, pool attendance, saunas and gym, nursery, disco-bar, films and concerts…

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Where could you find out about us:


  • Two times better sanatorium of Truskavets
  • Better price\quality proportion in Truskavets
  • Large medical-diagnostic center
  • Ecologically-clean products from the own farm
  • landscape park with a zoo
  • Pool, sauna, training fitness equipment-free of charge
  • Own equestrian sports facilities
  • Airport, air tours, charter flights
  • Free wi-fi
  • And more
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“We rested in the Karpaty sanatorium for the first time. The area around leaves a good impression, just wonderful. I would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful health workers in the ozokerite department - this is Savka Zhanna Mikhailovna and Tsunder Ganna Yegorovna, who greets and sees off her patients with such kindness and respect, and her professionalism is felt as soon as she starts working with a patient. Low bow to her for her hard work! Thanks for the rest! We will try to come more than once. ”

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Karpaty-resort hotel is created for the most-comfortable rest during rehabilitation. There is everything for the best rehabilitation: spa-center, landscape park with a zoo, ponds and water-fall, restaurants and bars a nursery with an educator for kids, cinema, disco-bar, a concert hall, free wi-fi internet, and more.

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One of the biggest therapeutic-diagnostic centers of the resort is located at the sanatorium. Professional and experienced medical staff, own pump-room of healing waters of Truskavets, modern equipment a great number of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures will guarantee the most effective treatment in Truskavets.

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Effective treatment is impossible without correct and qualitative dietetic nutrition. That is why we are the first and the only ones who have created in “Karpaty” our own farm to provide our quest with the most useful ecologically clean products such as quail’s eggs, pork, mutton, goose, turkey, and more.

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Karpaty is the first in the list of the best sanatoriums of Truskavets

Are you planning a trip to Truskavets? Do you want to make your vacation as comfortable as possible by combining it with treatment without spending a fortune on it? Are you studying different sanatoriums of Truskavets? Choosing a sanatorium Karpaty, you will be able to solve several of the above issues at once. This is a sanatorium where it is possible to combine the vast experience of spa treatment and innovative treatment methods, as well as a high level of service. You can learn more by exploring the main advantages of the Karpaty hotel and resort complex.

If you are looking for the best sanatorium (Truskavets) – opt for Karpaty

Thousands of clients not only from Ukraine but also from other countries visited the sanatorium during the period of its impressive history. To verify this, visit the official website of the Karpaty sanatorium in Truskavets and read reviews from grateful visitors. We twice won the nomination for the best sanatoriums in Truskavets, which also confirms the high status of the hospital. The selection for the competition was held among a dozen sanatorium complexes and we became the best by all selection criteria.

Not to be unfounded, here are a few of our advantages:

  1. Ask yourself: “Why do people visit Truskavets sanatoriums in 2020?” Of course, the initial goal is treatment. Therefore, the issue of providing medical services is given great attention. The range of services is constantly expanding; innovative techniques, progressive treatment complexes, and modern equipment are being introduced. Also, the qualifications of medical personnel are constantly monitored. Therapists, narrow specialists, laboratory assistants with vast experience are at the patient’s service. The diagnostic and treatment complex based on the Karpaty sanatorium has been and remains one of the best in Truskavets.
  2. The effectiveness of the treatment depends not only on medical procedures but also on living conditions. While other affordable sanatoriums of Truskavets remain at the level of the 90s, we are constantly updated. We regularly renovate rooms and buildings so that every visitor can feel cozy and comfortable in the sanatorium. The rooms have all the necessary equipment and accessories, comfortable beds and functional furniture.
  3. We care about the nutrition of our visitors. Since the diet is an important component of the treatment complex of many types of diseases, our chefs, together with nutritionists, have developed a special menu. We offer a diet menu, dishes prepared in a gentle way, and fresh products for a balanced diet.
  4. There is a swimming pool, SPA, gym, conference room, children’s room, and mineral water pump room. The weather at the resort is not always nice and sunny. Therefore, we organized the work in such a way that you could receive medical procedures without leaving the hotel complex. You can read more about each service by visiting the Karpaty sanatorium official website.
  5. Walking in the fresh air contributes to recovery, and sometimes is an important component of the treatment complex. We took care of everything you need. The landscape park, mini zoo, and outdoor exercise equipment. And all this is located away from busy highways so that our visitors can fully enjoy the fresh mountain air.

These are only some of the advantages that you get by deciding to book a room in our hotel and sanatorium complex. Karpaty is a sanatorium in Truskavets that you’d want to return to.