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European-level SPA with a bilg and small pools, sauna, table tennis hall, gym, universal hall for tennis and mini-football.

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Karpaty Sanatorium: pool, SPA, gym

Staying at the Karpaty sanatorium is not only relaxation and treatment. This is an opportunity to get a full range of services without leaving the territory of the sanatorium complex. Not all sanatoriums can organize staying in Truskavets with a swimming pool, gym and well-designed spa area. For this reason, do not hesitate for a long time, book a ticket to Karpaty. You get a full range of spa services in one hotel complex, which will not only make the treatment more effective but also make you feel relaxed and ready for workdays. But first things first.

SPA Truskavets: why the relaxation area is so important in the course of treatment

спа трускавець

You may say that you can visit the pool in your city in Ukraine or any other country after work. But this is completely different. The thing is that treatment in Truskavets is not just medical procedures and drinking mineral waters. It is an effect on the body from all possible directions. For this reason, Truskavets resorts with a swimming pool are in such high demand.

The impact of visiting a spa in Truskavets on your body:

  1. Swimming in the pool, as well as visiting saunas, is often part of the treatment complex. For example, swimming is the best exercise in physiotherapy for back diseases and pain. Sauna with a swimming pool (Truskavets) is an important procedure in the process of treating the respiratory tract. Be aware that all procedures should be done only after consultation with your doctor.
  2. Toughening up means increasing the body’s resistance to meteorological factors, such as cold, heat, low atmospheric pressure and other climatic conditions. The strengthening effect on the body is based on the effects of cold and heat and the mixing of these two factors. Due to the fact that the human body is 68% water, it is best to interact with water.
  3. Since elevated temperature speeds up metabolism, it can contribute to fat burning. A special effect can be achieved by following a diet for weight loss or during training in the gym.
  4. People with bone, joins, and muscle diseases, such as rheumatism or arthritis, should consider sanatoriums in
  5. Truskavets SPA. Water can be an element of rehabilitation after an injury because it stimulates tissues to regenerate and speeds up blood circulation.
  6. Physically active athletes need SPA treatments because water speeds up regeneration and keeps the musculoskeletal system in good condition. Therefore, the SPA center in Truskavets based on the Karpaty sanatorium is in demand at the resort among athletes of different directions.
  7. On the other hand, people with a sedentary lifestyle (and there is a vast majority of them today) should definitely go in for sports and swim in the pool. They often struggle with back pain, leg swelling, varicose veins and headaches caused by improper body position and a close look at the screen.
  8. Thermal procedures (especially in a bathhouse) ‘shock’ the body, refresh and strengthen it. They are ideal for the elderly, because they activate the body, help maintain strength.

As you can see, visiting the pool and sauna is an excellent solution for people of different age groups and professions.

ATTENTION!!! For those who decided to book the Karpaty sanatorium, the pool is included in the price, as well as the entire spa area and gym.