For children

A big deal of our guests come together with their kids, therefore we  have created the most convenient conditions for parents and jolly ones for kids.

For our little guests:

Children’s room

Children’s room with an educator works for kids in “Karpaty”. It is a favorite place of our little guests. Children’s room is located on the lobby`s second floor (kids from 4 years of age)

Monday to Friday: 08:20 – 20:30


2nd floor lobby


There are 2 open children playgrounds with various slides and swings equipped with safe soft surface in the territory of the “Karpaty” health resort in the landscape park “Peredgir`ya”. Little athlete have chance to play football at our football pitch.



Landscape Park sanatorium “Carpathians”


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday cartoons and films for children are demonstrated in the concert hall of the hotel resort.

Monday to Friday: 08:20 – 20:30


Concert hall of the sanatorium


Every Tuesday and Thursday -jolly water games in the pool under the guidance of the professional coach!

Monday to Friday: 08:20 – 20:30



A Memorable Vacation With Children in Truskavets

Traveling with children is an unforgettable experience for both the little ones and their parents. But you know, what is interesting for an adult is not always relevant for children. While parents understand the importance of treatment in Truskavets, the prevention of many diseases and strengthening immunity, the child just wants to have fun and spend time actively. Therefore, we made every effort so that your stay with children in Truskavets in the Karpaty would leave pleasant memories for children and parents.

Truskavets for Children

It has long been debunked the stereotype that a balneological resort is a place for retirees or those who suffer from some diseases. Today Truskavets is an international resort. People come here not only for treatment but also to have a good time with their family. Strengthening immunity, resistance to viruses and infections thanks to a favorable climate and fresh air is a pleasant bonus to a vacation. Therefore, choose a vacation with a child in Truskavets. It will benefit every member of your family. You will return home with positive emotions, full of strength and energy.

Truskavets: Vacation With a Child in the Karpaty Sanatorium

отдых в трускавце с детьми

If you want to book a sanatorium and come with children to Truskavets, you can be sure of the right choice. While parents attend treatments, their child will be engaged in an exciting game or educational activity. We offer:

  • children’s room with a babysitter for children over 4 years old. Colorful toys, equipment for active activities, pencils and paints for young artists – everything under the supervision of a qualified employee;
  • outdoor playground. Sometimes we wonder how long a child can play on the playground. But it is really interesting there. If the children make friends with others, they can even spend all day in the open air. And, you see, this is much better than sitting with parents in the room, playing games on the tablet. Such a vacation with children (Truskavets) will only benefit the child;
  • if the weather does not allow you to walk, you can diversify children’s leisure in the concert hall, where they can enjoy modern children’s films and cartoons every Wednesday and Friday;
  • sport is an important component of vacation. You can visit the pool with your child daily or choose fun water games with a professional trainer;
  • it will be also interesting for children in the park on the territory of the hotel complex. There is not only a fascinating playground but also a mini zoo. Children will be able to get to know different breeds of wild animals and birds.

Children’s Nutrition

Each parent makes sure that their child’s diet is balanced and only benefits him. So, you will find everything you are looking for in the Karpaty sanatorium. Food products are carefully checked, many are delivered from our own farms, which guarantees their quality. The menu consists of dietary dishes that are suitable for the youngest children. The dishes are prepared with gentle methods to maintain maximum benefits. But at the same time, they are tasty, varied and will definitely appeal to demanding little gourmets. Keeping the daily routine and refusal of snacks favorably affects the digestive system of the child of any age.

Come on vacation with a child in Truskavets and get the maximum benefit and pleasure!