Thousands of guests from all over the world visit annually “Karpaty sanatorium,” public persons, famous far beyond the boarders of Ukraine are our regular visitors. This is a good sign that we have got the grounds for our pride and basis for our further development and improvement.

Welcome to the circle of our real friends!

Victor Pavlick

“It is great to have a rest here, it is good to take treatment, the food is delicious and it is cool to stay here. Because aura here is awesome!”

Natalya Valevska

“This is just the place to recover in a spiritual and the physical way”

Kateryna Buzhynska

“I want to thank Lew Yaroslavovych for being such a great manager and that he has made such a fairy-tale, such a beauty”

Pavlo Zibrov

“Beloved people, beloved staff, beloved cuisine, beloved air.. “

El Kravchuck

“It is wonderful nature here, wonderful weather, wonderful people, what else should one need to feel happy…”

Myron Markevich

“In “Carpathians” I’m comfortable”


Andrey Kuzmenko


Oleg Shak


Tetyana Dokanina


Roman Scorpion


Valery Twin


Alexander Pavlik


Zenoviy Huchok


Albert Saltykov


Tarlan Shahbazi