A great number of official prestigious rewords, diplomas and other awards that were granted to Karpaty sanatorium affirm high level of service introduced by a resort-hotel.

Among such awards that we are only rightly proud of is Ukraine State Prize for architecture with which “Karpaty” sanatorium was honored in 1993 and also Great Gold medal of the Winner of the National Award “Prosperous Ukraine” in the range of landscape architecture and design in 2008. 

One of the most outstanding events is recognition of “Karpaty” hotel-resort

as the “Enterprise of the year 2010” among 350 000 entities through version of international economic rating “Top League” according to State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and due to EUROPEAN STANDARD RATING. And also rewarding of Director General Lew Yaroslavovych Hrytsak with the Order

“Star of the economy of Ukraine” and presentation to him of the certificate “Leader of the year 2010”.

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