Hotel and resort complex “Karpaty” (formerly sanatorium “Karpaty”) is located in the southern part of Truskavets, the beautiful lake, a mirror which reflects the majestic slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, the Green Pearl of Ukraine.

At the time of its discovery in 1993, the sanatorium “Karpaty” was one of the leading spa complexes in Ukraine, and now the “Karpaty” priority are: high level of service, advanced medical technology and expertise friendly staff. Now “Karpaty” hotel complex is the museum, surrounded by a landscape park “Pidgir’ya” with its own zoo, with attractive interiors, comfortable hotel rooms, restaurants and bars with gourmet cuisine, dance and concert halls, sports complex, modern medical and SPA center.

Highlands shrouded in legend, filled with magical powers, striking beauty of the hillsides, endless expanses of blooming meadows, steep mountain rivers. I’d like to love you and the wonderful world of the blessed Carpathians and enjoyed his gifts, healing mineral waters, including the well-deserved place is the queen of mineral waters “Naftusia”.

A unique gift of nature, which is unique in the world, has cleaning properties, promotes removal of sand and small stones and prevents their formation, helps digestion, beneficial effects on metabolism, strengthens the immune system, promotes rapid rehabilitation.