Truskavets sanatoriums appear to be a  great place for a full value treatment and good rest.

“Karpaty” sanatorium offers not only qualified medical examination and complex treatment in Truskavets, but the full range of services of European level. We do everything possible to make our guests holiday of pleasure and benefits.

In “Karpaty” all categories of rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, TV (satellite), minibars, safes, telephones with internal, local and international connection, bathrooms (with round the clock supply of cold and hot water), each room has a balcony . Room service is provided daily, towels are changed every day and at the request of the guest, linen – 3 times a week. The lobby area of ​​the complex offers free access to the Wi-fi.

“Karpaty” in Truskavets – is not just a hotel, it is a modern resort with developed infrastructure, which includes restaurants, bars, entertainment centers, beauty shops, currency exchange, ATM, children’s room and a library.

Arriving in the “Karpaty”, you will plunge into the sea of carefree and get force for the entire year, and next year you will definitely want to come back to us!



  • Одномісний номер  1590 UAH
Одномісний Покращений 632 2

Single Superior

  • Одномісний номер  1820 UAH
Двомісний Cтандарт 903 2


  • Одномісний номер    1945 UAH
  • interactive connection    2470 UAH
Двомісний Покращений 914 1

Superior Double

  • Одномісний номер    2110 UAH
  • interactive connection    2900 UAH


  • Одномісний номер    2586 UAH
  • interactive connection    3305 UAH
Двокімнатний Люкс 4


  • Одномісний номер    2890 UAH
  • interactive connection    3545 UAH
Люкс Покращений 908 9

Suite Superior

  • Одномісний номер    3120 UAH
  • interactive connection    4085 UAH


  • interactive connection interactive connection  6275 UAH

Apartment Superior

  • interactive connection interactive connection  7185 UAH

Stay in the Cozy Rooms of the Karpaty Hotel Complex

Sanatoriums of Truskavets are a great place for a full treatment and just a good rest. Karpaty sanatorium offers not only a qualified medical examination and comprehensive treatment in Truskavets but also a full range of services of a European level. We do everything so that our guests enjoy their stay here. We know that treatment effectiveness depends not only on the quality of the medical services but also on the living conditions. Having received treatment procedures prescribed by the doctor or after a tasty lunch, it’s a good idea to relax in a comfortable room. And for those customers who decide to book a room in the Karpaty sanatorium for two or three weeks, the room becomes a second home. Therefore, it is important that the room has everything necessary. Such rooms can be found in the hotel and resort complex Karpaty.

We Offer Rooms of Different Categories in Truskavets

rent a room in Truskavets

You can choose rooms of different price categories depending on how many people will live in the room and what is the optimal price for you. Karpaty is a rather large sanatorium, so there are rooms for everyone. If it’s difficult for you to decide, our managers will help you choose the best option. If you come with two children, we recommend apartments (Truskavets). Both adults and children will feel comfortable here without limiting the space. If your goal is an affordable yet high-quality stay, it is better to choose standard rooms.

The rooms of all categories are equipped with:

  • comfortable furniture;
  • TVs (satellite TV);
  • mini bars;
  • safes;
  • telephones with the domestic, city and international calls;
  • bathrooms (with round-the-clock cold and hot water);
  • each room has a balcony with mountain and lake views.

Rooms are cleaned daily, towels are changed daily and at the guest’s request, linen is changed 3 times a week. There is free Wi-fi access in the lobby.

Vouchers to the Karpaty sanatorium also include three meals a day, buffet, medical services, swimming pool, spa zone, and gym.

Karpaty in Truskavets is not just a hotel but a modern resort complex with developed infrastructure, which includes:

  • restaurants (the main one, as well as a cozy ethno-restaurant Grazhda, which is located on the territory of the complex), and bars;
  • entertainment centers;
  • own mineral water pump room;
  • beauty salon;
  • shops;
  • exchange office;
  • ATM;
  • kids room;
  • library;
  • gym and more.

apartments truskavets

You can rent a room in Truskavets and also organize a good vacation for the whole family. It will be interesting for everyone at any time of the year. One voucher to the sanatorium (Truskavets) is a solution to several problems at once:

  • treatment;
  • healthy nutrition and the daily routine;
  • varied leisure;
  • quality time with children;
  • sport;
  • spending more time outdoors.

Another benefit is the loyalty system and discounts in other places that are part of the network. Restaurants Grazhda and You and I, SPA complex Fifth Ocean, and a hotel with a restaurant Lion Yard. This will diversify the time spent at the resort.

Arriving at Karpaty, you will plunge into a sea of carelessness and gain strength for the whole year, and you will definitely want to return to us next year. But hurry to rent a room in the Karpaty sanatorium in Truskavets at the best price, since there are a lot of people both from Ukraine and from other countries who also want to book a room.