The treatment of hemorrhoids in a single procedure in Truskavets

For the first time in Truskavets – radical treatment of hemorrhoids for 1 procedure using the HAL/RAR method

Worldwide, this technique is used to treat hemorrhoids since 2005. This is a minimally invasive intervention that is performed under local anesthesia and lasts 20-30 minutes. Due to the fact that the intervention is performed under local anesthesia, the patient can go home after the treatment procedure.

Advantages of the technique:

  • quick rehabilitation,
  • after 2 weeks, moderate exercise without burdens (running, swimming) is allowed,
  • the result is formed within 2 months,
  • reliability of the technique – 92-95% guarantee of non-return (cure) of hemorrhoids.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

The treatment of external hemorrhoids is also carried out, the so-called “anal fringes” by:

  • removal of the Surgitron radio wave scalpel,
  • the use of high-frequency surgical apparatus Patonmed EKVZ – 300 (does not require suturing of the wound).

Anal Fissure Treatment

In 70% of cases, chronic combined hemorrhoids are accompanied by rectal fissures. Cracks sometimes occur without hemorrhoids in chronic persistent constipation. Cracks are & nbsp; acute and chronic.

Acute cracks are amenable to conservative therapy or radio wave coagulation is performed with a Surgitron apparatus or laser therapy is performed using a new generation GIGAA laser.

Chronic anal fissures are subject only to surgical treatment. Fissure excision is performed under local anesthesia with a Surgitron scalpel or with the high-frequency surgical apparatus Patonmed EKVZ-300.

Treatment of anal polyps

In the diagnosis of diseases of the rectum in second place are polyps of the rectum. There are many types of rectal polyps. All of them are considered conditionally sound and should be removed.

Unfortunately, no doctor can guarantee that polyps will not be reborn into malignant neoplasms.

In our center, polyps are removed under local anesthesia. &Nbsp; Surgitron radiowave scalpel or high-frequency surgical apparatus PatonMed EKVZ – 300

Non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoidal disease (latex ligation)

The basis of treatment with latex rings is non-surgical separation of hemorrhoids. An elastic latex ring is put on the leg of the hemorrhoid, which gradually compresses the knot. Due to the cessation of blood supply within 2-4 days, the node dies off and falls off independently from the intestinal walls. In a few weeks, a connective scar is formed at the site of the node.


  • The efficiency of latex ligation exceeds 80%
  • The procedure is carried out quickly.
  • The treatment takes place without affecting the patient’s rhythm of life and performance
  • Low risk of re-formation of hemorrhoids

The treatment is carried out by a surgeon of the highest category, Ph.D. – Pavlov Evgeny Semenovich (Dnepr)


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