About Karpaty

“Karpaty” sanatorium is a sanatorium with ideal price/quality balance in Truskavets. Yet it is only in “Karpaty”, where apart from a comfortable room with a splendid view and all conveniences three-meals buffet with the products from the own farm are included in the price together with more than 23 therapeutic-diagnostic procedures, pool attendance, saunas and gym, nursery, disco-bar, films and concerts…

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  • Two times better sanatorium of Truskavets
  • Better price\quality proportion in Truskavets
  • Large medical-diagnostic center
  • Ecologically-clean products from the own farm
  • landscape park with a zoo
  • Pool, sauna, training fitness equipment-free of charge
  • Own equestrian sports facilities
  • Airport, air tours, charter flights
  • Free wi-fi
  • And more


В вашем санатории я впервые и отдыхом очень доволен. У вас внимательный персонал, всегда вежливый и добродушный. Особенно хотелось бы отметить моего лечащего врача Мудрого С.В., атакже эндокринолога Головей Е.Б. Это прекрасные специалисты. Большое спасибо за доброту, внимание и улыбку администратору ресторана Желиховской Галине Ивановне, всем медсестрам лечебного корпуса. У вас прекрасный сервис, так держать!

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Karpaty-resort hotel is created for the most-comfortable rest during rehabilitation. There is everything for the best rehabilitation: spa-center, landscape park with a zoo, ponds and water-fall, restaurants and bars a nursery with an educator for kids, cinema, disco-bar, a concert hall, free wi-fi internet, and more.




One of the biggest therapeutic-diagnostic centers of the resort is located at the sanatorium. Professional and experienced medical staff, own pump-room of healing waters of Truskavets, modern equipment a great number of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures will guarantee the most effective treatment in Truskavets.



Effective treatment is impossible without correct and qualitative dietetic nutrition. That is why we are the first and the only ones who have created in “Karpaty” our own farm to provide our quest with the most useful ecologically clean products such as quail’s eggs, pork, mutton, goose, turkey, and more.