Medical base:

Thanks to a numerous of the modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and highly qualified medical staffs with extensive experience, modern Medical and Diagnostic Center is one of the most effective in Truskavets. Own water pump room with Truskavets curative mineral waters operating by non-contact heating elements is located in the Center. Water delivery is supported three times a day. It is very convenient during wicked weather and for people with disabilities.


We treat the following deceases successfully:

  • chronic pyelonephritis
  • prostatitis
  • hepatitis
  • colitis
  • cholecystitis
  • pancreatitis
  • gastritis
  • vesiculitis
  • duodenal ulcer
  • cystitis
  • pancreatic diabetes of types I and II
  • urolithiasis
  • post-surgical intervention on kidneys state
  • post-lithotripsy state
  • lithogenical diathesis
  • urethritis
  • impotence caused by chronic inflammatory process

The voucher cost includes:


  • clinical and biochemical research (4 parameters)
  • duodenal intubation
  • pH-metry
  • sigmoidoscopy
  • computerized electrocardiography

Treatment procedures:

  • mineral baths
  • ozokerite
  • intestinal irrigation
  • classes in the gym
  • physiotherapy
  • physiotherapy
  • inhalation
  • microclysters
  • enteral oxygen therapy
  • rectal swabs
  • mineral water
  • phytotherapy
  • stomatology
  • gynecological irrigation


  • urologist
  • therapist
  • gynecologist
  • dentist
  • cardiologist
  • neurologist
  • endocrinologist
  • dermatologist

For additional fee:


  • fibergastroscope
  • bacteriological diagnosis of urological diseases, sexually transmitted infections, gynecological diseases and andrology
  • ultrasound (9 parameters)
  • vascular ultrasound
  • biochemical blood test (17 parameters)
  • radiography
  • rheovasography
  • rheoencephalography
  • Immunoassay screening test for hidden blood in the stool (Cito test FOB)
  • breathing test to determine gastric infection(helicobacter pylori)

Treatment procedures:

  • dry carbon dioxide baths
  • manual and underwater massage
  • hydrocolontherapy
  • dentistry, prosthetics
  • non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids
  • vertebroneurological cabinet
  • pressotherapy
  • plazmolifting
  • reflexology
  • ear ozone insufflation
  • *NEW* carboxy-therapy
  • treatment of urological diseases, sexually transmitted infections,
    andrology, gynecological diseases
  • speleotherapy
  • ozone therapy
  • unit dose spinal traction and
    vibrating massage muscles and ligaments
  • non-surgical treatment of hemorrhoids
  • hydropathy
  • sleeping on beehives
  • infrared coagulation (papillomas, warts, angio, warts)
  • Мінеральне спринцювання
  • *NEW* breathing in the wax room
  • *NEW*vacuum-roller massage (LPG)
  • *NEW* shockwave therapy


  • otolaryngologist
  • dentist
  • psychologist
  • ophthalmologist


"Saenko" clinic


The "Saienko" clinic, which began work in 1998 on the basis "Karpaty" month treated from 70 to 150 patients with
spine pathology. Of these, 60% come with pain in the back, and 6% with acute pain.
The basis of the assigned treatment: a review neurologists, orthopedists, possessing manual methods of diagnosis and therapy and specific technique that combines massage and manual therapy. In the treatment methods used manual therapy, electric pulse therapy hirudotherapy, reflexology, drug therapy, massage.
Developed methodologies dosage-differential effects chiropractor patients moving spine injury and operative
intervention on the spine, patients osteoporosis, diabetes, patients with disk hernias and spinal abnormalities.

Prices for treatment in Truskavetssignificantly lower than in other European resorts, and the result is the same. That's why Truskavets so popular. Come on rest and treatment in Truskavets –we will be happy to assist you and provide a full vacation in our resort.

Natural therapeutic factors of the resort


Mineral waters




Naftusya mineral water is the most well-known, and it possesses unique properties. It belongs to low-mineralized waters and is the hydrocarbonate calcium magnesium water by its composition. Besides the salts, it also contains a number of biologically active substances, which are included in oil. The Ukrainian for 'oil' is 'nafta', whence the name of water has appeared. Some properties of Naftusya mineral water can be explained by the presence of these substances, as well as of iron, lithium,copper, radon, lead and silver. Naftusya mineral water has pronounced diuretic action that provides ablation of sand and small stones of fthe urinary tracts and, in general, clears the body of chemical waste that occurs with dysfunction of liver and kidneys, etc. Naftusya mineral water normalizes the metabolism, improves the functionalstate of central nervous system. It also has choleretic action. Anumber of stomach and intestine deceases appear against the background of liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs deceases, as well as can be the cause of such deceases. For this reason, taking the Naftusya mineral water is advisable for patients suffering from gastrointestinal deceases. 


Spring No.1 "Mariya"


Mariya mineral water belongs to low-mineralized waters and is the sulphatesodium magnesium water by its composition. It contains traces of iron, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It does not stay at the stomach too long so cannot cause its irritation, but it rarefies the stomach mucus and helps to remove it. Mariya mineral water soothesthe inflammatory process of the mucous coat of the stomach, inhibitsgastric juice secretion and lowers the gastric juice acidity. It acts similarly at the intestine, calming its peristalsis, reducing spasm sand intestinal juice secretion. Mariya mineral water is used for treatment of chronic gastritis with peracidity of gastric juice,gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.


Spring No.2 "Sophia"


Sophia mineral water belongs to medium-mineralized waters and is the chloride sodium calcium magnesium water by its composition. It contains traces of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Sophia mineral water stimulates gastric juice secretion, thіs rising its output and acidity; it also rarefies the stomach mucus and helps to remove it. Sophia mineral water is used for treatment of chronic gastrit is with hypoacidity, or with absence of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice. 


Spring No.3 "Bronislava"


Bronislava mineral water is the chloride sulphate sodium calcium water by its composition. It is used as a gargle, ingalation and nasal douche for treatment of cronic deceases of nasopharynx, laryngitis, pharyngitis,tonsillitis. It rarefies the mucous on the mucous tunic of upper airways and soothes the inflammatory process.


Spring "Yusya"


Yusya mineral water contains the substances of glycerol origin, which makethe skin soft and elastic.


Mineral salt "Barbara"


Barbara mineral salt is extracting from the mineral water of the spring No.4.It is used for duodenal intubation, intestinal lavage, as well aspurgative. Natural healing properties of Barbara mineral salt improvehost defenses and immunity. 




Mineral baths



Springs No.6 "Edward", No.7 "Ferdinand", No.8 "Emmanuel",No.9 "Anna".


 The semineral waters are used for mineral and sulfury-salt baths. All these waters belong to high-mineralized waters and contain free hydrogen sulfide. Besides that, the carbonic acid gas baths and pearl bathsare used. The mineral baths effect to to the central nervous system via nerve endings of the skin. Taking the bath and after it, one can feel mental equilibrium and peace of mind. A kind of therapeutic effect of the mineral bath depends on physicochemical and gaseous composition of water, its temperature and method of application, theduration and frequency of taking the baths. The baths help to calm,to relieve the pains, spasms of stomach and intestine to patients with stomach and intestine deceases. The patients with concomitant deceases of circulation organs and hypertension, feel the improvement of blood circulation, pressure relief and normalization. This is favourable for all organs and systems, particularly for digestive apparatus. Mineral baths can also help in treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis and myositis. Besides the baths, the hydrotherapy of the following kinds is used: Charkot'sdouche, circular douche, rising douche, hydrolaser douche, underwaterdouche.




Ozokeriteis the natural oil pitch product. It contains oils, neutral pitches,pyrobitumens, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, potassium, sodium and some biologically active substances. Dewatered ozokerite is called the medical ozokerite. It has high thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity. During its application on the skin, the substances it contains act on the organism both through the nervous system and the skin and blood. Due to its property to contract when cooling, it promotes deeper warming-up of the place it is applicated. The ozokerite applications have anti-inflammatory and slightly anesthetic effect, so othe spasms, inhibit peristaltis and secretory function of stomach and intestine; as a thermal procedure, they also have calming effect on the central nervous system. In the patient care institutions of Truskavets, the ozokeritotherapy is applied for treatment of liver and bile-excreting deceases, nephrolithiasis, saltdiathesis, joint deceases, concomitant gynaecological deceases and peripheral nervous system deceases.