Our guests

There are a lot of public and well-known far beyond Ukraine people among the regular guests of the "Karpaty". This is a good sign that we have much to be proud of and basis for the further development and improvement. Welcome to our community of genuine friends!

Bogdan Stupka: "The biggest political force - the art."

Very nice here, I must say the "Carpathians". Volodymyr Maryanovich Marynkevych - good and wise man.





Myron Markevich: The "Carpathians" I comfortably

Sanatorium "Karpaty", like other resorts resort have their regular supporters who rest here each year and is nothing better myself not looking. They are happy with everything treatment, service, food, culture, recreation. These customer known not only in Lviv region, but also in the football world Ukraine and abroad, head coach of Premier League football team Kharkiv "Metalist" Myron Markevich.

What so you like the "Carpatians"?

Here is a good sports facilities, a large gym, pool, supported in good condition. Here is a great place to relax. Sometimes we here spend the winter meetings. I already know all the sanatorium. I am grateful to Fedor Polyakov, who treats me, people on massage, wax on, staff dining room for delicious food, and general management of the health resort and personally Vladimir Marynkevychu for creating such wonderful conditions of rest.




On this subject, decided to speak out frequent and respected guest resorts, Academy of Odessa Michael P. Nikita.

Each vacationers despite his social status, age, nationality is welcome sanatorium "Carpatians". Here it is treated with special attention and respect, of him will always remember and care, it helps create a comfortable living and effective treatment.



Vladimir Moiseenko, Vladimir Danilets