About us

    Hotel and resort "Karpaty" (earlier sanatorium "Karpaty") is located in the southern part of the city Truskavets, on the banks of the picturesque lake, which is like a mirror reflected the majestic hills of the Carpathian Mountains the Green Pearl of Ukraine. At the time of its opening, in 1993, the sanatorium was one of the leaders among the sanatorium complexes in Ukraine, and now in the "Karpaty" priorities are: a high level of service, advanced medical technology and professional experience of the welcoming staff.

    Now "Karpaty" is a hotel-museum, surrounded by a landscaped park "Foothills" with its own zoo, with attractive interiors buildings, comfortable hotel rooms, restaurants and bars with gourmet kitchen, concert and dance halls, sports complex, modern Medical and SPA Centers.

    Carpathian region is shrouded in legends and saturated by magic power, striking beauty of mountain slopes and boundless open spaces of flowering meadows, swift mountain streams. We’d like you to fond of this wonderful world of the blessed Carpathians and enjoyed its gifts health-giving mineral waters, with the queen of mineral water "Naftusya". Unique gift of nature, which has no analogues in the world, cleaning properties, promotes the removal of sand and small stones and prevents their formation, helps digestion, a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes of the body, strengthens the immune system, promotes fast recovery.